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is wondering what is going to happen. what advice would you give to mccain or obama of the should do once they are elective or should they wait until they are inaugurated to say what they are going to do? >> the question is if i could repeat, another excellent question. the parallel between lincoln and fdr not doing anything in the four months that they faced the real crisis as compared to the crisis the next president will inevitably face and whether he should be involved. i will say quickly as daniel weinberg knows one of the inspirations for the book was jonathan alter's book on clinton's roosevelt first 100 days with strong sections on the president-elect and i still remember vividly which is the good thing about the book remember building reza on march 2nd or 3rd. you've got to do something about the crisis and signed a document. we have to be together to ensure the country to read we may keep them in the white house. lincoln did the same thing. he wouldn't declare any policy about facing down secession about every aspect that is compromised. he secretly discussed with the republican
or people closest to ourselves and a great memoirs like paul's book which is the novel, john mccain's novel, it is about the difference between truth and fact, fact and truth rather, between the truth which is in the realm of emotion and intuition and imagination and the facts, in the realm of information. if somebody were writing about my wife, as we have been saying the last couple days, even the diaries julie was talking about, i as somebody living with her try to see the world through her eyes. i have at every moment seen how i looked into her eyes and that is a novelist's market. i have to become her rather than just writing about her. that is why people like you write novels, you can actually in have a person from within and catch some much deeper fundamental aspect. >> i would say as a biographer if you are trying to accomplish both it is a trickier line you can inhabit the character entirely in the novel. if you are trying to write a good biography you have to be able to take the point of view of that character and when you start thinking about the people in your books, i talked to
perot. john mccain they tend to lose. [laughter] i was very pleased to see bob dole in the senate floor last week. he was one of my favorites, not simply because he's from my part of the world, but dole rhymes with a lot of things. old king kole. sauteed ease care row. the president's -- the people who actually win the presidency tend 0 to have bad names for rhyming. bush sounds easy because it's nice one syllable name rhymes with tush, but that's disrespectful and i never did that. [laughter] when george h. w. bush left office, i wanted to write him a poem. fortunately i had he had a lot of middle names, so the poem was ado to you, george, herbert walker issue in never treasured as talker your predicates were prone to wander boundless off alone. you can your best in your own way, the way your country day, just relax, and take your ease, and never order japanese. [laughter] clinton is a bad name. i've often said that clinton is the orange of american presidents. and bill clinton's second term, during the unpleasantness -- [laughter] remember when hillary clinton was said to be taking th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3